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5 Black Friday Marketing Strategies

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the biggest shipping days for online retailers, and they are quickly approaching. This year online retail has taken off in some weird and wonderful ways amidst the global outbreak, and many brands are moving their Black Friday sales to online only. More and more shoppers will be visiting online stores to avoid physical contact.

This means that if you are an e-commerce business, the spike in online Black Friday traffic could result in a lot of potential revenue.

So, it’s essential that you have a variety of unique marketing ideas that will help you stand out from the crowd.

This article is your how-to template to help you prepare for what will no doubt be the strangest Black Friday event to date.

BFMS #1 - Open Early, Stay Late

Both Black Friday and Cyber Monday will be here and gone extremely quickly. However, no where is it written in stone that your marketing has to stay within a specific time frame. We've all experienced department stores playing Christmas music before we've even had a change to celebrate Halloween, so remember there is a difference between providing value and being carelessly impulsive. Just because "they're" doing it, doesn't mean you have too also.

In fact, because everyone else is doing the same thing, that means there's an opportunity for you to think a little differently.

We all know your emailed coupons are a way to generate sales, but when it comes down to it, the consumer probably doesn’t care all that much. Especially if it's presented in a creative way with a high enough offering (Free shipping, 20% off, free gift with each purchase, etc).

BFMS #2 - Build Anticipation

The other side of the the coin would be instead of handing out your offers and discounts early, is to start planning and building anticipation for your Black Friday sales.

The short time frame in which Black Friday and Cyber Monday happen is working against you. Additionally, every other brand, whether they're a competitor or not, is intensely fighting for your customers attention.

Therefore, time in September and October should be allocated towards building consumer interest in your company, your brand, and yes, even in you.

Build consumer interest by:

  • Having a profile on every free social media platform. Personal AND Professional.

  • - Twitter, TikTok, Linkedin, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Youtube, Twitch

  • Post consistently with content that is contextual to that platform

  • Grow your email list

Now it's important to remember as you collect new subscribers to your email or social media channels, the people that primarily use facebook, are probably not the same group of people who use TikTok. So, as Black Friday and cyber Monday start to approach, have multiple offers that are ultra-relevant to each specific group.

BFMS #3 - Have "This Platform Only" deals

Another way to build brand interest is to give people the feeling of exclusivity. It’s in our nature as consumers to want things that signal to the world we are one of a select few.

Here are a few key phrases to use in your Black Friday/Cyber Monday marketing that imply exclusivity:

  • Exclusive offers

  • Be one of the few

  • Get it before everybody else

  • Be the first to...

  • Only available to subscribers

So what is a specific practical example?

Choose one platform, like Instagram for example. Now, create a deal that is specific for your Instagram followers and be sure to let your following know this deal is being offered only to them, no where else has access to it. And then, and most importantly, stay true to your word.

Don't offer this same deal to your companies facebook page community and only switching out the word "Instagram" for "Facebook" in your offer.

BFMS #4 - Give "Givers" A Gift Guide

Thank you for hanging on through that tongue twister, but in all seriousness, this is the point in the article where we're going to point out the obvious... the true spirit of the holiday season is in the giving.

It is very possible that many visitors to your online store are not there shopping for themselves, but instead taking advantage of good deals on gifts to give later to a loved one.

Problem: what if these shoppers are new to your website and only visiting because they know how much their friend or family member loves your brand. They don't know you as well as the receiver of their gift does.

So, make sure there is guidance available to new comers. Give them recourses helping them find just the perfect gift(s).

One approach could be to organize your website beginning with large general categories that get increasingly more specific as the shopper moves to your landing page. For example:

General Categories:

- Shop for Women

- Shop for Men

- Shop for kids

- Shop by Price

Specific Categories:

- Shop for Harry Potter Loves

- Shop for Best Friends

- Shop for your Girlfriend

- Shop by Your Boyfriend

Taking the strategy one step further - don't have the general and specific links simply bring you to a product page.. Rather, have each link go to a blog post discussing multiple facets of the products that fit the category. This will provide the newbie to your store more information and context to the product and why it is the best fit to your friend or family members individual personality type.

BFMS #5 - Donate To A Charity

Do you have a favorite charity or nonprofit? Use this time of year to incentive purchases by letting customers know a portion of proceeds will be donated to charity.

Not everyone is incentivized by discounts, however this will not only continue to attract shoppers, but also drive positive customer perceptions of your business.


I hope we've made it clear that none of the strategies above are meant to exploit your customer base or your social media following. The ideas listed above are intended to help you stand apart form the intense noise of the holiday season, so you can continue to bring incredible value to everyone who interacts with your brand.

Good luck! We have faith in you.

November 1st Quote Of The Week:

“You are remembered for the rules you break.” - General Douglas MacArthur


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