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Pressure Sensitive Labels for CBD Products

Here is what you need to know about affixing pressure sensitive labels to your CBD product line. And if you're not up to the task, that's fine, we will affix them for you.

Less work, better labels...

For better or worse, I am one of those people that will peel a label off a bottle of beer, sometimes exposing that white sticky layer of adhesive underneath. Then, on the rare occasion that I can remove the whole label completely intact, I'll feel a high degree of satisfaction rise up in my chest!

So that's how a lot of labels come off the bottle......but how do they go on?

What are Pressure Sensitive Labels?

Taking the CBD drink bottles for example: what fidgety drinkers, like myself, are picking at is called a pressure sensitive label, or "PS" label. As the name suggests, PS labels are applied with pressure by either hand or machine.

On very few and far between occasions we will apply labels by hand. However, our labeling machine allows for consistency and accuracy, so the label is place in the same spot on every bottle, every time, on most any bottle shape or size.

- We've labeled from 2" tall glass CBD Tinctures, to CBD vape fluid, CBD honey sticks, to CBD infused dog and cat treat containers, all from the same machine.

What are PS Labels made out of?

It typically takes three materials joined together to make a PS Label.


This is what will be displayed on your packaging, also known as the face stock.


Next, the back of the face stock gets a coating of adhesive applied to it. This will keep the face stock affixed to your packaging.


A silicone coated liner is the third and final layer. This carrier is what allows the labels to be safely transported from printer to container, or from us to you, then released and applied.

Industries we are labeling:

- CBD / Cannabis

- Janitorial

- Food and Beverage

- Beauty

- Pets

- Athletics

- Automotive

Less work, better labels!

Don't forget; the biggest perk of working with East Coast Tags is that

we will affix the labels for you.

For pricing on labels: click ---> GET PRICING

For more information:

- visit:

- email:

- call: (315) 396-0222

Less work, better labels!

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