The Equipment That We Trust

There are a few fundamental items require to get each apparel job done. The equipment we put our faith into allows us the flexibility to fulfill orders as large or as small as you need. They provide the capability to press on just about any article of clothing: t-shirts, sweatshirts, zip-ups, beanies, shorts, pants, bras, you name it and we've probably tried it.

If you were to browse through our production space you would first see a Fancierstudio Power Heat Press. With the right amount of heat, pressure, and time, designs come out stunningly soft to the touch and in just about any color.

This machine is the corner stone to our production capabilities, using high temperatures and heavy pressure to embed the design onto the material permanently.

To the right of this machine you'd find our graphics cutter. It's a noisy machine that we've nicknamed R2D2 for reasons that become obvious the moment you hear it go.

Because of it's fully adjustable pinch-rollers, adjustable speed and pressure we're able to manufacture hundred of graphics a day.

Once the graphics are cut, there are only a few tools left to complete the job.

Each Station has a weeding tool kit so remove the negative space from the cut graphics and leave behind clean designs.

There you have it, behind the scenes look into our everyday tools.

Thanks for reading!

Please always feel free to message me with questions about how to print, what to look for when choosing someone to print your apparel, or if you'd like a quote =)

Thanks so much

- Michelle

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