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Announcing: The Nervous Box

Nervous? We sure are.

We have some big news to share with you all…..Here at East Coast Tags we have been burning that earlier morning oil for weeks now working on a great new project. We wanted to keep it under wraps until it was fully realized. You may have seen hints and whispers of it in some of our content lately. We are finally ready to announce it. Welcome to The Nervous Box.

What is The Nervous Box you ask?

Well, it’s an enigma wrapped in a mystery, but really it's a subscription box. A monthly T-shirt club that will send you a bold new shirt each month. Beyond that we are a community. We are a new narrative for people who don’t know how to tell their own. The purpose of the Nervous box is to remind you that you are not alone.

Why did we create The Nervous Box?

We created the subscription box because we thought it was the perfect extension of the story that we are trying to tell at ECT. That no matter how you present on the outside we all deserve to feel comfortable and confident on the inside. There might be someone out there who needs a boost so they can get out there and slay the day. Whether you are at the bar, getting coffee, if you are at the gym, wherever you are, the shirts that we ship are designed to remind you that you are a part of a supportive community.

We believe in you!

Who is The Nervous Box for?

It truly will be for everyone. Anyone can sign up even though we’ve dedicated our attention to first helping the women of the LGBTQ community. We designed Nervous so that no matter how you present, masc, femme, they/them….we have a box for you.

If you present masc but can’t build up the confidence to ask her for her number, we have a box for you. If you are presenting more femme and you want to look flirty at the dog park, we have a box for you. If you stand anywhere in between there we have a box for you. Here at The Nervous Box we are in the business of making everyone feel like their best self.

What can I expect from The Nervous Box?
  1. You can expect some really great shirts (and some other great gear and products as well!)

  2. You can expect a community. A whole family of people who feel just like you and want to feel better about who they are.

  3. You can expect some great content. We are building out our social media and we have some great ideas we are kicking around the cutting room floor. The Nervous Box is an ever evolving, ever expanding beast, and we are so excited to get you involved.

When will The Nervous Box be available?

It will officially drop this Black Friday, 11/26/21. We will announce pre-orders soon. We have our first few boxes planned and we are so excited to share what we have been building with you!

How can I get involved?

Go follow us on social media! Our Instagram, Tik Tok and Youtube channel are all live right now and we are posting regularly to get you excited! Join in the conversation with in the comments and share it with your friends and family! You can also join our mailing list to stay up to date on all the Nervous goodness.

In the meantime.

Be bold. Be confident and above all don’t be


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