Watch Out For These Mistakes...

There are many providers in the apparel industry, and watching out for silly mistakes will be a good indicator of who to trust with your orders. Now, I understand we're all human and mistakes do occur. But, these are a few I see people making all the time and they're not "accidents" per-say, they show a lack of understanding for the craft.

A little bit about my experience in the apparel printing world: When East Coast Tags decided to make the jump from promotional products to apparel, instead of just watching a few videos and diving right in, I GOT A JOB. For half a year I worked in a custom apparel shop learning the machines, the graphics, the ins and outs of standard printing practices.

But more importantly, it cut the learning curve on what not to do in half!

So, here are the top mistakes to make sure your apparel person does not do:

1) Printing over a zipper

Zip-up hoodies are great in the fall, in the winter, on a summer evening, whenever! But, they're not great when there's a giant graphic going over the middle of them.

Think ahead to what will happen when you want to unzip your hoodie...

The image looses almost all of its affect, it becomes unreadable, and whatever branding you hoped to achieve is now out the window.

2) Putting the graphic too low or too high

It's very interesting where our eyes naturally go when we look at another human being. We spend most of our time looking at their face, and even more specifically on their eyes and lips. What we DON'T naturally do, is look at down at someones belly or right into their throat. So placing the graphic too low or too high forces our eyes into an odd view point and throws off our body language to the person we're looking at.

To recap:

The image that goes on a t-shirt should not be right up against someones neckline, and also should not be on their stomach.

If you see someone doing this, run for the hills!

Or simply look for someone printing their graphics 3-4 fingers below the neckline.

3) Printing over seams

Every article of clothing has seams along the shoulders, the bottom of the sleeves, the sides, the neckline, the pant legs...they're everywhere!

But when you print over them, you compromise the image going onto the garment. This can create a bump in the image, or it can cause less ink to stick into the fabric over the seam and leaving you with a giant line through your image.

4) A name going the wrong direction on a sleeve

Again, there are natural tenancies that all humans become accustom to as we grow up. One of these is that we all read from left to right.

So, that said, when you need a name or a phrase to go on a sleeve, it should always be going in an up-ward direction if it's on the right sleeve and a down-ward direction if on the left.

5) Spelling mistakes!

I really hope I don't need to elaborate on this one too much.

If you notice someone not taking the time to check their spelling when printing on an article of clothing, then know you're not getting the best quality that you could be. Go somewhere else.

Thanks for reading!

Please always feel free to message me with questions about how to print, what to look for when choosing someone to print your apparel, or if you'd like a quote =)

Thanks so much

- Michelle

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