What Is Print On Demand?

So you've been growing your social media following to a few 100K and now you're thinking dropping custom merch for you audience.

Congrats! But, how will you go about selling your Merch?

Merch (Merchandise) comes in many different forms and can easily be customized for your brand. Many influencers and content creators are selling items like:

- T-shirts

- Long Sleeve T-shirts

- Hoodies

- Zip-up Hoodies

- Beanies

- Sticker Packs

- Crop Tops

- Joggers

So do you buy a bunch of inventory up front?

Or do you use Print On Demand (POD)?

The benefit to using a POD service, is that you bypass the traditional route of buying and holding your own inventory where you may be left with a pile of products that aren’t selling.

With POD, you go straight into creating and selling influencer merch with no initial investment or risk associated with managing inventory.

POD: is a process where you partner with a supplier who prints your custom designs onto a product (like a T-shirt or hoodie) only as an order comes in. The supplier will then send the product directly to the end customer.

- You choose the products you want to sell

- Profit margins are set

- Your store is built for you

- You get a link to share on your social media pages

- Orders start being placed for your merch!

Everything from receiving the order, to printing and shipping the product is handled by your supplier.

With East Coast Tags, we give you daily updates on your store's progress. Your data is updated each morning to include information like:

- products sold

- product colors

- shipping location

- how much money you've made off each sale

- how much money you've made all together.

Ready to set up your POD store?

Contact Michelle:

Phone - 203-942-9980

Email: csr@eastcoasttags.com

web form: request to set up my store

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